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"We know all the custom log homes we’ve
built – we remember them all and they
are still important to us." 

- Jay Pohley


Every log is carefully selected and dressed by
hand to bring out its natural character. Nothing
is rushed, and everything is worked by hand.
This drawknife was specially developed and
crafted in our shop to produce a beautiful finish
to timbers and beams. Experienced eyes are
constantly checking the quality of the wood.
After sizing and shaving each dovetail notch by
hand, it is sanded to create a furniture quality
joint. No detail is too small to finish correctly. 

A crew chief fits a log ridge beam into place
after attaching its support piece. Note the 
look of dry-standing timber.

“The American craftsman still thrives, because when it comes to getting certain things
done well and with beauty, a human hand guided by a human eye, and imagination
can still be the highest technology of all.”

-Jay Pohley

our story

“We know all the custom log homes we’ve built – we remember them all and they are still important to us. ” 

-Jay Pohley

Our story is your story. A Pioneer Log Home reflects who you are. It has a life of its own and embraces you with its nature-forward aesthetic. Not everyone can have a Pioneer Log Home. Building custom log homes and commercial log structures requires patience and financial freedom.

Living in a Pioneer Log Home says you appreciate enriched experiences, seek ways to take time out, slow down, contemplate, and appreciate the finer things in life. It says that you won’t be rushed, you have your own pace. 

Jay Pohley has been crafting custom log homes for 40 years. Since founding the company first as Alpine Log Homes in Northern California 38 years ago, every Pioneer Log Home has been proudly made in America, and for the last 30 years made in Montana.

Pioneer Log Homes uses the finest naturally dry-standing raw timber and meticulous hand craftsmanship to create custom log homes and commercial log structures, as seen in all the Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World retail locations. Properly designed and maintained, your custom log home will be a source of pride throughout your lifetime and into successive generations.

“People are excited when they first visit one of our custom log homes.  They know they are someplace special.” Rob Ridgway, Pioneer Log Homes General Manager


“It doesn’t take a long time to make a great log home, but it takes a long time to learn how to make a home great.” 

-Jay Pohley

Pioneer Log Homes is dedicated to making the finest custom log homes in the world. Our joinery is superior, our log selection brings out the richest aspects of the wood’s character, our truss and beam work cannot be equaled.  From timber frame homes to dove tail homes, each home is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted at our facility in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. 

We don’t have log home plans for sale, we only have our experience and our people, who bring over 100 years of combined experience in the luxury log home craft.

Each custom log home can take one to several years to build after we receive plans from your architect. We build projects one at a time, and one log at a time, applying the hand skills that we perfected and handed down from master to apprentice. Nothing is hurried.

We invite you to come to our facility and see for yourself, but you better bring a comfortable lawn chair, as observing our craftsmen work is like watching home-made fudge harden, it’s a process of measuring each proposed cut a dozen times, so we only have to cut once.

“Every log is hand fit to ensure that your home upholds our tradition of quality.”  Barbara Heitmann, Design Services

“Wood is the national fabric of America.
We are proud to be the torch bearers of this heritage.”

-Jay Pohley

inspired through insight

Jay Pohley

Jay is the visionary log crafter who founded Pioneer Log Homes over 40 years ago on the pillars of innovation in the design and construction techniques. He saw the need to develop better ways to design and build custom log homes, and he always had his eye out for key accessories to aid in finishing off his log home structures so they were unlike anything else on the market. Jay grew up in a wood family and it was his life-long dream to work with large wood and craft one-of-a-kind log structures which would provide enhanced living appeal to those who wanted a bespoken home.

In this section, we will feature special attributes that Jay has designed, located and used in construction of the highest-quality log structures. And, we will add to this list as Jay’s creativity is produced − they may seem small in scope, but they are large in the production of the final product and in making your home unique and one-of-a-kind. You should take note though as they will separate a Pioneer Log Home from any other log product in the market.


“There’s proportion and scale that relates to the human body.
When rooms are done right, they can make you feel right.”

-Jay Pohley


Ranch Home

Mountain Home

Mountain Home


Western Lodge

Lake Home

Lake Home





Resort Home

Resort Home


Private Clubhouse


Martis Camp Home