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Our Story

“We know all the custom log homes we’ve built – we remember them all and they are still important to us. ” 

-Jay Pohley

Our story is your story. A Pioneer Log Home reflects who you are. It has a life of its own and embraces you with its nature-forward aesthetic. Not everyone can have a Pioneer Log Home. Building custom log homes and commercial log structures requires patience and financial freedom.

Living in a Pioneer Log Home says you appreciate enriched experiences, seek ways to take time out, slow down, contemplate and appreciate the finer things in life. It says that you won’t be rushed, you have your own pace. 

Jay Pohley has been crafting log homes for more than 40 years.  Since first learning the craft at Alpine Log Homes as a notcher and stacker, his life has been creating fine log structures.  For more than 30 years, Pioneer Log Homes has made Montana its home.  Close to the dry standing timber resources and to the expert craftsmen who live here.

Pioneer Log Homes uses the finest naturally dry-standing raw timber and meticulous hand craftsmanship to create custom log homes and commercial log structures, as seen in all the Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World retail locations. Properly designed and maintained, your custom log home will be a source of pride throughout your lifetime and into successive generations.

“People are excited when they first visit one of our custom log homes.  They know they are someplace special.”

-Rob Ridgway, Pioneer Log Homes General Manager